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What is "An ordinary demon with an extraordinary job" about?

Ken is an ordinary demon in the world of Agaren. He lives a life like everyone else. He has a job, earns money and pays his rent. However, he has a really extraordinary job, in contrast to many other demons. Thanks to his abilities and with the help of the "Golden Gate", the transport-center of his foster-father, he accompanies demons into other worlds.

One day, a strange demon appears who wants to visit the human world, which can only be visited under certain
circumstances, since humans are not aware of the existence of demons.  Ken, of course, accepts the mission and accompanies the demon into the human world. After arriving there,  Ken is confronted with the truth. He finds out that his foster-father lied to him and then all of a sudden his client disappears.

Suddenly everything goes wrong and Ken is lost in the human world.

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